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Amadeo Phone

Amadeo UCC

Amadeo PBX
Attach extensions to users and/or devices
PSTN calling
Business Groups
Hunt Groups
Support Groups
Voicemail and MWI
Voicemail access number
Call transfer
Call forward
Call Park and Pickup
Call hold/unhold
Call mute/unmute
Custom IVR settings
Dial by Phone
Push notification
SIP Trunk management
Device management and provisioning
Amadeo UCC
Add/Delete contacts
Group management
Custom message
Contact search
Move contacts
Accept/Reject contact invitation
Block/Unblock contacts
Custom/AD picture
AD Integrated
Delete Picture
Revert AD Picture
Automatic Presence
DND Handling
Video endpoint management - connect with Room based video conference systems
Instant Messaging
Purge IM History
Persistent Chat
Message typing indication
Audio call, PSTN & H323
Video call
Audio/Video conference (upto 4 party peer-to-peer)
Voicemail & MWI
Security: SRTP with AES Encryption
Siren/G729/iLBC/PCMU/PCMA codecs for audio
H.263/H.264/VP8 codecs for video
Call waiting
Call hold/unhold
Call mute/unmute
Video pause/resume
VCS integrated
Reply by IM
Standard and high definition video - 480p, 720p, 1080p
Feature Escalation & De-escalation
Multi-session supported
Support emoticon/alert sounds
Session recording & notification
Amadeo Meetings
Scheduled meetings
Lobby management
Participant management
Application & desktop sharing control
File transfer
Sharing Conference (up to 4 party)
TabShare/SmartShare – Sharing from mobile device
Offline messages
Broadcast Streaming
Meet now or Group Conversation
Parallel Edits
File Sharing
MCU conference upto 25 parties*
Broadcast upto 50 parties*
Document sharing (powepoint, excel and word documents)
Dial'by'phone to attend a Meeting**
Add PSTN/H.323/SIP parties to Meetings**
Add video conference rooms endpoints to meetings
Add Amadeo Universal peers to Meetings
Amadeo Federation
Federation with Amadeo Cloud domains
Federation with Amadeo Private Cloud domains
Federation with Amadeo on-prem domains
Join other Amadeo domain meetings

Note: Amadeo UCC License includes Amadeo Phone.

* This limitation is for standard Amadeo Cloud accounts, please contact us if you have larger users requirements.

** Requires SIP trunk services.

Amadeo Advanced UCC Modules

Modules &



Universal UCC®
Join CISCO Webex Meetings
Join MS Lync Meetings
Connect to IBM Sametime
Connect to Google Hangouts
Federation with MS Lync (Presence & IM)
Invite CISCO Webex Meetings
Invite MS Lync Meetings
Invite to IBM Sametime
Invite to Google Hangouts
Invite Twitter Channel
Amadeo Lync Federation Gateway – AmLy
Support for Microsoft Lync 2010/2013/Office 365
Presence & IM
Contact Management
Instant Messaging
Audio and video calls
Audio and video conference
Application, documents and desktop sharing
On line meetings
Multi-Directional Revolving Encryption
Secure+ communication with other Amadeo Enterprise users

Important Notice: Advanced UCC Modules are added separately to Amadeo UCC users only. Amadeo Phone License does not support Advanced UCC Modules.